Client Training: 101

Clients suffer from bad behavior in the same way most humans and animals do.  Clear communication with your clients is so essential. From the start of your relationship you must be clear, be consistent, and be upfront about bad behavior.  You deserve to enjoy your job, as much as your client deserves a great experience with you.

Now, most clients understand the social skills that are needed in order to see you for a service. But for the few that do NOT, you must train them.   This is not to say that they mean to, or even intentionally, behave badly at your job.  Some clients just don’t know the correct set of social and behavioral skills that are needed at your salon or spa.

Don’t take these ‘people skills’ for granted, you must say (or print) any of the following you feel strongly about:

Here are 12 basic Client no-no’s (to start you thinking).  You can pick and chose the ones you truly care about.

1-Don’t show up late

2-Don’t ‘No Show’ without calling me

3-Don’t bounce your checks

4-Don’t show up without any payment at all (and make an excuse why you didn’t bring your purse/wallet)

5-Don’t keep your cell phone on (ringer full volume)  and expect to talk on it during your appointment or don’t bring your iPad and expect to work on it during your appointment

6-Don’t bring your pet or your child (under the age of 3) and allow him/her to run around my salon/spa/massage room with no supervision

7-Don’t yell down the hall in front of my treatment rooms

8-Don’t bring greasy fast food and leave the wrappers in the waiting area,

9-Don’t drink a tall iced mocha before your massage appointment

10-Don’t spill your coffee on my hair station and leave it there for me to clean

11-Don’t drink coffee while I am trying to file your nails

12-Don’t set your coffee (or soda) on top of my receptionists computer…

And why, you ask, do some clients do these things?  I have spent countless hours wondering this very same thing. I have observed my own behavior when I go to spas and salons.  I even continue to travel around the Bay Area, interviewing other practitioners about their business issues with clients. Human Behavior interests me, but Client Behavior fascinates me!  The more we understand why clients behave the way they do, the more successful we will be !


~ by rachelestelle on November 12, 2010.

3 Responses to “Client Training: 101”

  1. […] who become friends with their clients do regret blurring the line.  If you think having the ‘client training‘ talk with them is difficult now, imagine how hard it will be after you’re […]

  2. As you read my blog about the dog in the salon, I have to wonder whether you’ve actually had people bringing dogs into your business? I can imagine where you’re located that they are more the “carry-along” dogs versus a big lab!

    • YES I have! So far, all good experiences with well behaved dogs who are small. HOWEVER, the worst irritation in the world are the people who tie their dogs up outside to visit a neighboring business and the dog barks and barks and barks. UGGGG ! Unfortunately, American dog owners…not so considerate sometimes. 🙂

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